Endoscope Imaging System

John Bladen PhD

Sheffield University 1990-1995

PhD thesis

The Endoscope Imaging System displays an image of an endoscope as it is inserted into a patient. During the procedure, the configuration of the endoscope is determined in 3D using a combination of magnetic fields, specially created algorithms and advanced signal processing. Images of the endoscope are displayed to the endoscopist during the procedure to help intubate and locate the endoscope, and these images may also be saved to a *.img file which may be viewed using EndoView. An assortment of *.img files, obtained during routine colonoscopy, are also available.

The imaging system was developed by myself John Bladen for Dr Duncan Bell of Ipswich Hospital, UK as part of my PhD at Sheffield University, UK from 1990-1995. Olympus are now marketing an endoscope imaging system called ScopeGuide. Please contact Olympus for further details.

To download and install the software, please see EndoView.

MagCalc was a program that was specially written and used to develop the imaging algorithms, particularly in regard to signal noise tolerance and the magnetic field distortion that occurs as a result of the metal in the patient beds. See downloads to download MagCalc.

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