Organ repertoire

John Bladen

Updated 8th April 2011

J S Bach

Toccata and fugue in D minor BWV 565 ¥
Prelude and fugue in G major BWV 541
Fantasia and fugue in G minor BWV 542 ¥
Prelude and fugue in A minor BWV 543
Prelude and fugue in B minor BWV 544 ¥
Prelude and fugue in C major BWV 547
Prelude and fugue in E minor BWV 548
Prelude and fugue in Eb major BWV 552
Prelude and fugue in D major BWV 532 *
Passacaglia and fugue in C minor BWV 582
Toccata, adagio and fugue in C major BWV 564
Toccata in D minor BWV 538 *
Fantasia in G BWV 572
Fantasia in C minor BWV 562
Fugue à la gigue BWV 577 ¥
Pastorale in F
Trio sonatas **
Concerto in A minor BWV 593 (I ¥)
Concerto in E flat
From the Schübler chorale preludes:
 - Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme BWV 645 ¥
 - Wo soll ich fliehen hin BWV 646 ¥
 - Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten BWV 647
 - Meine Seele erhebt den Herren BWV 648
 - Kommst du nun BWV 650 ¥
O Mensch, bewein’ dein’ Sünde gross
Valet will ich dir geben
Nun freut euch, lieben Christen g’mein

French (including César Franck)

Pièce HéroïqueCésar Franck
Prelude, fugue and variation ¥César Franck
CantabileCésar Franck
Chorale No 1 in E majorCésar Franck
Chorale No 2 in B minorCésar Franck
Chorale No 3 in A minorCésar Franck
Fugue in D minor from "Prelude and fugue Op 7" ¥Maurice Duruflé
Final from Symphony 1 V1 V2 ¥Louis Vierne
Impromtu from “Pièces de Fantasie”Louis Vierne
Carillon de Westminster from “Pièces de Fantasie” **Louis Vierne
Carillon in Bb from 24 pièceLouis Vierne
LitaniesJehan Alain
Chant Héroïque (from “Neuf pièces”)Jean Langlais
Toccata in F from Symphony V ¥Charles-Marie Widor
Allegro in G minor from Symphony VICharles-Marie Widor
Finale in G from Symphony VICharles-Marie Widor
Toccata in B minor ¥Eugene Gigout
Grand choeur dialoguéEugène Gigout
Scherzo in E major from ”Dix pièces”Eugène Gigout
Toccata in GDubois
Suite Gothique Op 25 (including Toccata in C minor ¥)Leon Boëllmann
Sortie in EbLefébure-Wely
Sortie in Bb ¥Lefébure-Wely
Carillon-SortieHenri Mulet
Fugue and toccata from “Variations sur un Noël”Marcel Dupré
Final from Sonata I Op 42 ¥Guilmant
March on a theme by HandelGuilmant
Pavanne pour une infant défunteRavel
Prélude in C minor Op 29 no 1G Pierné
Trumpet tuneMarc-Antoine Charpentier


Toccata in D minor Op 59 no 5Reger
Fantasie on BACH Op 46 **Reger
Nun danket alle GottKarg-Elert
Sonata II 1st movtHindemith
Sonata 3 in A majorMendelssohn
Ciacona in F minorPachelbel
Prelude in C minor from Sonata IJosef Rheinberger
Passacaglia in D minorBuxtehude
Sonata in D minor Op 30 (duet)Gustav Merkel


Songs of Praise Theme IHerbert Chappell
Songs of Praise Theme II “Toccata for Organ” ¥Robert Prizeman
AlleluyasSimon Preston
Hornpipe Humoresque ¥Noel Rawsthorne
Toccata in B minor ¥Percy Whitlock
Crown ImperialWilliam Walton
Prelude and fugue on a theme of VittoriaBenjamin Britten
ScherzettoArthur Wills
RhosymedreVaughan Williams
Chorale prelude “Nun danket”Kenneth Gange
A trumpet minuetAlfred Hollins
Tuba tuneNorman Cocker


Fantasia in F minor K 608Mozart
Scherzo in G minor *Enrico Bossi
Variations on “America” *Charles Ives
AriaFlor Peeters
Sonata in C minorPescetti
Adagio for stringsSamuel Barber
Petit PréludeJoseph Jongen
HumoresquePietro Yon
Tuba tuneC S Lang

To be learnt

Tu es PetraHenry Mulet
Toccata in Bb minor from “Pièces de Fantasie” **Louis Vierne

Key to symbols

¥Indicates that the piece has been played from memory in the past, either for a public performance, or for a recording.
*Indicates that the piece has not played for some time and so may require some attention prior to performance.
**Indicates that the piece is currently in the process of being learnt.