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Arranged by John Bladen

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Blaenwern (second half) score
This works really well - especially with a large congregation. It should be played at a steady pace, not rushed, and as with all last verse arrangements, should be practiced to perfection.

Easter Hymn (bridge to last verse) score

Tell Out My Soul! (Woodlands) score mp3 (synthesiser)

Thine be the glory (Maccabaeus) score mp3 (synthesiser)


Please note that because of copyright issues, the flute descants do not include the original score or words.

Jesus is the name we honour (SoF2) score mp3 (synthesiser)
The first version is intended for the first verse and the second for the last.

I stand amazed (SoF2) score mp3 (synthesiser)
The synthesiser does not do this piece justice!

As the deer (SoF1) score mp3(synthesiser)
The second version is minimalist and is a chance to show off your vibrato and breath control!

How can I be free from sin? (SoF2) score mp3 (synthesiser)

And can it be? score mp3 (synthesiser)

Jesus Christ is risen today (Easter Hymn) score mp3 (synthesiser) mp3 (accompaniment only) (synthesiser)
The second version may well work better with piccolo.



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